Public Health Accreditation Board

About Accreditation

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Kaye Bender, President and CEO of PHAB, talks about the importance of public health accreditation.

Disease prevention. Clean air and water. Access to fresh, safe and affordable foods. Parks and green space. Healthy starts for moms and babies. Tobacco control.

Public health departments play a critical, but often unrecognized role in promoting and preserving the health of people in communities across the country. Despite the important role health departments play in our communities, there has not been a national system for ensuring their accountability and quality – until now.

Leading health practitioners and organizations recognized this, and helped develop a national voluntary public health accreditation program. Accreditation is a system of common standards used to measure performance. It is based on standards that health departments can put into practice to ensure they are providing the best services possible to keep their communities safe and healthy. Accreditation will drive public health departments to continuously improve their services and performance.

Other community services and organizations have seen the value of accreditation, such as schools, daycare centers, police departments and hospitals. Now, there is an opportunity for public health departments to measure their performance, get recognition for their accomplishments and demonstrate accountability within their communities.

The goal of public health accreditation is to improve and protect the health of the public by advancing the quality and performance of all health departments in the country. Having accredited public health departments means that no matter where you live – a West Coast suburb, a Midwestern city, or a rural community in the Southeast – you can feel confident that your public health department is providing the highest-quality services possible.

Everyone has the right to quality public health programs and services, and that means setting standards that encourage improvement of services.